Media Valuation Partners

MVP is a leader in providing expert witness and valuation services in the media, entertainment, music, publishing and emerging technology sectors. 

Headed by veteran industry analyst Larry Gerbrandt, what sets MVP apart is the combination of 30+ years of hands-on experience in launching and operating assets in the media and entertainment space and the knowledge and insight gained from hundreds of consulting and valuation assignments and more than 90 expert witness engagements and is considered one of the top entertainment experts working in the field today.  The cases have ranged from valuing a single movie or TV series to extremely complex class action lawsuits involving massive media consumption data sets. He was Disney’s valuation expert in the landmark Katzenberg v. Disney case and has testified in numerous rate-setting proceedings involving the music performing rights organizations (PROs) as well as Library of Congress copyright arbitration tribunals and FCC cable network carriage disputes (click here for his detailed CV).

Mr. Gerbrandt’s career has spanned magazine publishing to cable system operations to running the Analytics division of The Nielsen Company.  From 1984 until the company’s sale in 2004, he rose from entry-level analyst to chief operating officer of Paul Kagan Associates, Inc. (now SNL Kagan).  During his tenure at Nielsen he authored multiple ground-breaking studies on the future of on-demand content over broadband and wireless networks.

The years of working for the top entertainment research firms in the country combined with the discipline of defending opinions in depositions and courtroom testimony have helped hone a data-driven analytical approach that stand up to intense scrutiny.

MVP valuation clientele ranges from startups to niche owners of intellectual property to many of the largest players in the media & entertainment industries and consumer electronics companies. Expert witness assignments have included some of the largest and most complex analyses in the entertainment and media space.